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Carpet Cleaning

Anderson Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is leading provider of carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and tile cleaning services to Homes and offices in Agoura Hills CA and all of Ventura County with an outstanding reputation for quality and commitment. We spend money on the most modern carpet cleaning equipment and on making sure our staff are as professional and efficiently trained as possible in using the equipment meaning you don’t just hire a generalist carpet cleaner when you work with us, you get the best.


We offer professional carpet cleaning services.We only use environmentally friendly materials with our carpet cleaning equipment, this means your house is clean but also not full of chemicals, once we are done. Our methods of using specialist steam heat extraction equipment will remove the most ingrained dirt, bacteria and dust. Not only that, but your carpet will be clean and dry in only a few hours. Gone are the days of stressing over the stubborn stains that prematurely age your carpet such as wine and pet urine. We can get rid of them meaning your carpet looks better and your home is healthier because of the carpet cleaning service!

Our exclusive, gentle and non-toxic cleaning solution is inserted deep into the carpet fibers with hot water which loosens and lifts the deepest dirt and soil particles. Then the powerful suction is used to extract the deep- down dirt as well as the carpet cleaning solution and 95% of the moisture. This accelerates the drying time and removes all the soap as well as the microscopic pollutants such as dust, mites and other allergens which can trigger allergies and cause breathing problems. Call our experienced carpet cleaning services specialist in Agoura Hills CA today at (805) 286-2186.

If you are looking for high quality cleaning services.

While other methods of carpet cleaning remove only the dirt from the surface of your carpet, steam carpet cleaning system has been proven to remove even the deepest dirt and soil particles as well as refreshen the texture of the carpet, making it the healthier and safer option. Steam Cleaning system is recommended by all major carpet manufacturers. Call us in Agoura Hills CA at (805) 286-2186.



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